V.Q.L.A.N. Inc - The World's Largest Veteran's Information Bank

Veterans Quality of Life Access Network is the world's largest independently compiled and maintained veteran's information and resource bank.
Veterans Quality of Life Access Network is a non-profit  501 c 3 organization. It was created to help our veterans and their families to obtain the benefits and gain access to the resources to which they are entitled.
The information that  Mr. Campbell created is crucial to bridging the gap between what our veterans are entitled to and what they actually receive.
Veterans Quality of Life Access Network information and resource is both extensive and centrally located.  It contains resources  and information about VA benefits and procedures that every veteran should have access to.
For example, it contains information and resources regarding how to correctly file VA claims , as well as, how to obtain housing, , food, clothing and other services.
Through networking and leveraging our resources we are confident that we can put an end to the suffering of so many of our veterans and their families.
Mr. Campbell  is a  30 year veteran at processing claims for the Veterans Administration. After retiring from the the VA he's chosen to his calling to help ease the pain and suffering of veterans.  Mr. Campbell does this, simply because he knows  that it is the right thing to do. 
Barry Campbell is the founder / president of Veterans Quality of Life Access Network. He created and primarily maintains the organization at his own expense, while being confronted by a great deal of opposition from individuals who actively promote prejudice and separatism.
Veterans Quality of Life Access Network  is an equal opportunity provider, and is strictly opposed to promoting these practices
Mr. Campbell works diligently to keep such beliefs out of the organization. Per Mr. Campbell: "We are doing GOD'S work because we are the people".
Veterans Quality of Life Access Network has extended its reach and is now open and available to EVERYONE who has a need
In other words, you do not have to be a veteran to receive our assistance.  

Our purpose is to help!
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