​ ​Veterans Quality Of Life Access Network Inc.                             VQLAN

Barry Campbell founded Veteran's Quality of Life Access Network on February 2, 1999. As the founder he sets an example for many other brave soldiers who have fought for our country. During his time with the V.A. he was awarded a Proclamation from the U.S. House of Representives for his efforts in assisting veterans in getting first hand informatiom that would help them lead a better life for themselves and their families.
As a veteran he spent 30 years after his tour of duty helping other veterans at the Department of Veteran Affairs. Mr. Campbell launched VQLAN with the intention of helping veterans to receive quality support service after they re-enter civilian life, by creating a strong morally rooted organization whose priority is obtaining positive results for ALL vets who are in need of help.
"The only true way to help yourself as well as others, is to put your personal prejudices aside, and work together as a community.